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How we can help you make your Golf Event a Success
A lot of planning goes into a successful golf event, and we'll help you with all of it.

What sets us apart? Our unique approach works better because we are passionate about golf. It’s as simple as that. Venues, welcomes and giveaways, corporate outfitting and branding, equipment, signage, invitations, fields, formats and tee-off times, pre-game coaching, online & TV coverage, catering, prizes and prize giving ceremonies .. We do it all.


.. We Work for You

We like to work in close consultation with our clients every step of the way. We begin each new project with an Activity Plan, mapped out together with our client's input. This details all activities, requirements, tasks, strategies, and guest/player lists the event will encompass, and the timelines and manner of their implementation. Progress milestones allow the client to assess the project development along the way, reevaluating and fine tuning as necessary.


.. We Work to your budget

We are not just suppliers. We become partners, and we work for you with your best interests at heart. For a flat fee (normally a percentage of your budget), we will help you get everything you need for your golf event for the best prices possible and working to your budget. This includes venues, giveaways, branded merchandise and prizes. Using our extensive network of suppliers and trusted agents, including many of South Africa's leading golf equipment suppliers, we have access to preferential pricing, enhanced credit ratings and other priority deals that directly translate into savings and better service for our customers.


.. We know what works

The Playing Field. Our relationships with virtually every golf venue in the country allows us to best utilise and exploit fully each location’s respective merits. Processes such as dealing with the club’s administration, creating temporary VIP areas, coordinating the field of players, appointing support staff, and liaising with 3rd party suppliers are more efficiently managed, ensuring a better, smoother-run event.

Guests and Giveaways. We provide branded merchandise specifically tailored to corporate golf events, including welcome packs/goodie bags for the event’s guests upon arrival, golf shirts, caps, towels, umbrellas and any other promotional products that can carry your brand’s message. We supply prizes for post-event prize giving ceremonies - traditional silverware, commercial products or bespoke trophy designs. All merchandise can be supplied in budget, mid-level or brand name quality, dependant on requirements.

Visual Impact. Our in-house design team includes graphic designers, photographers, copy writers and marketing strategists, enabling us to offer our clients a professional design service for promotional merchandise, banners, flags, bunting, invitations and general course signage, ensuring brands are consistently and positively portrayed.


We believe this intimate knowledge allows us to better understand golf event management down to the minutest detail. Our golfing familiarity allows our clients to appreciate the event from the player's and guest's perspective, ensuring the even's objective of presenting a quality showcase is professionally achieved. Our wealth of expertise is here to be shared and we invite you to browse through our range of professional golf services and packages to see how we can help you Raise the Bar for your golf event!


Night Golf: A unique way to host a Corporate Golf Event.

This unique version of the game is a world-wide phenomenon and is already proving very popular in Zimbabwe! Glo-Stick technology lights up the balls and the course, creating a playing atmosphere that is both unique and fun, ensuring an evening that your clients will remember for a long time to come.

Baylis Professional Golf Services can organise your entire corporate event for you. Our extensive range of services covers the hire of the venue of your choice, the organisation of bar and catering facilities, the running of the event itself and the provision of all the specialised equipment necessary. This includes company-branded glo-balls, torches and other course illumination, as well as a wide choice of branded apparel from our clothing range. We also provide give-aways and prizes, and can help co-ordinate the players tee-off draw and prize-giving ceremony. Due to the very nature of the event, the night golf calendar is restricted to the warmer dry evenings of the year, and accordingly runs only from March till June, and then from September to November. Be sure to make bookings early to ensure an available slot.